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You win—in His kingdom

~ Thoughts from The Bruised Reed
by Richard Sibbes
13. Grace Shall Reign

Weakness, with acknowledgement of it,
is the fittest seat and subject for God
to perfect his strength in;
for consciousness of our infirmities
drives us out of ourselves
to him in whom our strength lies.

Do you ever wonder if Christ’s way is really the best?

It is.
His kingdom is the only one with a guaranteed victory.

6 reasons why his Kingdom wins:

1. Because Christ is its head, and he is over all (Romans 9:5)—including sin, death, hell, Satan, and the world. If he can overcome them in himself, he can overcome them in your heart and conscience.

2. Because when you encounter enemies, they fall before you because you have the Spirit in you.

3. Because Christ has committed his kingdom to the Spirit of truth—it abides forever—and you are born of that Spirit. “A little thing in the hand of a giant will do great things. A little faith strengthened by Christ will work wonders.”

4. Because you’ve already been promised the victory. And Christ always keeps his promises.

5. Because Christ has already begun ruling in his kingdom, and where he begins to rule, he rules forever.

6. Because Christ’s purpose in coming was to destroy Satan’s works, both for you and in you. That same Spirit which raised him is in his body—the church (you!).

When chaff strives against the wind,
or stubble against the fire,
when the heel kicks against the pricks,
when the potsherd strives with the potter,
when man strives against God,
it is easy to know on which side the victory will be.

The winds may toss the ship wherein Christ is,
but not overturn it.
The waves may dash against the rock,
but they only break themselves against it.

Then why does the enemy seem victorious?

1. Because you suffer. But don’t count sufferings as loss; God uses sufferings to conform you to Christ, “who conquered most when he suffered most.”

2. Because victory is by degrees. You may lose some battles, but the war has already been won for you. 

3. Because God often works in opposites.

When [God] means to give victory, he will allow us to be foiled at first… when he means to make us glorious, he will abase us first….

When [man] is conquered by some sins, he gets victory over others more dangerous, such as spiritual pride and security.

4. Because Christ sometimes lets you fall so you’ll grow to stand stronger. “We take deeper root by shaking.”

Therefore, we should not be so discouraged with our weaknesses. Many waters cannot quench the flame of God kindled in the heart by the Holy Spirit.

Regardless of how it may look to you at times, you are victorious if you a citizen of Christ’s kingdom.

Grace shall reign! 

So let us never give up, but, in our thoughts, knit the beginning, progress and end together, and then we shall see ourselves in heaven out of the reach of all enemies.

* * *

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