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Keep looking. Keep finding.

What I’m memorizing:
For they [his words and sayings] are life to those who find them, and healing to all their flesh.
Proverbs 4:22whatareyoulookingforI couldn’t find a favorite book on prayer last week.

I looked on my “favorite books” shelf. Not there.
     On my “recently read” shelf. Nope.
          On the “retired-to-the-basement-but-too-loved-to-get-rid-of” shelf. Not there either.

At least not the first time I looked.

But on the third look, I found it in the basement. In the spot I know I had looked twice earlier.

Do you ever do that? Look right over the thing you’re looking for?

I know I do that with God’s words all the time. As I’m looking for peace, I sometimes look right over Him. Or in my search for contentment, I read a story about Jesus but just keep on going…

…when He’s there the whole time.

With my book, I thought I remembered it as white. So I looked for white. But it was blue. 

Only when I stopped looking for white and started looking at any color that had the right title—the true words—did I find it.

Sometimes Jesus doesn’t look like I what I’m searching for either. If I’m not careful, I’ll look right over Him.

But He is what I’m looking for. Every time. When I find Him (and I have), He’s life. He’s healing. He makes me whole.

To continue discovering more about Him, I’ll keep looking. And finding. And living. His words are life. More Memory Monday

* * *
Does Jesus ever show up differently than what you expect?

* * *
Join us at Joanne’s for more Memory Monday.

1 comment:

Brenda said...

Maybe someone who had the book and didn't want to admit it, slipped it onto the downstairs bookcase when you weren't looking. ??

Last night the seniors (boys, of course) led the service at church and one who was speaking told of a time he was lost in Wal-mart as a six year old. When he realized he was lost, he frantically searched for his mother. When he finally found her, she asked, "Didn't you hear me calling?" She had been paging him (he said like 10 times) over the loud speaker and he never heard it because he was too busy searching for her. I thought that was a great analogy of how we are with God. So busy looking for him, we don't hear him calling. And fits in with what you were saying here. I think. :-)


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