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I can breathe!

Read all of Revelation 11 here But after the three and a half days a breath of life from God entered them, and they stood up on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them.
Revelation 11:11

(Forgive me for straying from the context of what this means in Revelation because I’m not exactly sure! But what I am sure about is this..)

Yesterday morning, the doctor removed the splints that had been sharing nasal space with me for a week.

And I could breathe! breathe in

I was at the beach, sucking in the ocean breeze constantly blowing off the water. All day long I kept taking deep breaths in and out and appreciating each one. 

This physical “breath of life from God” enters every one of us at birth. We can’t appreciate it at the time (although our parents sure do!).

But we get another huge breath spiritually when we put on Christ. And we can appreciate it that time—the Spirit of life—the pneuma of zoe. What a gift!

And He continues to breathe in us over and over in our daily walk. When we deplete our own strength, we are so empty and open to Him. And He is so abundant and willing to fill our lungs with His air.

When He breathes in, we stand up on our feet again. 

Breathe in His sustenance.
Breathe out His praise.
Appreciate each breath of life from God!

* * *

2010: The Year of Breathing Deep


bekahcubed said...

Amen! It's so wonderful to breathe. I remember when I got my packing removed after my septoplasty and I could not only breathe again after a week of having my nose packed--but I could breathe better than I ever had before. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for breath--and for tying it in to the Spirit of God.

Lisa notes... said...

Yes, I'm also already breathing better than ever before. (Even though my allergies are already kicking in with our high pollen count). But I had no packing for my septoplasty--that was the tipping point for my decision to do it. :-)

It's been an interesting year of "breath" and Spirit for me. Once I decided for this to be my "Year of Deep Breathing", I see breath analogies EVERYWHERE. God is so cool.


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