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Earth Day—Corner View

This week’s theme for Corner View is Earth Day, which is Thursday.
(See more worldwide pics here from us ordinary folks.)

I love nature. Sometimes I wish I had been a meteorologist (I’ve loved The Weather Channel since day 1, 1982).

Or a zoologist (we’ve kept dogs, cats, turtles, fish, ducks, gerbils, snails, crabs, lizards—but I can’t convince Jeff to let me get a snake. Yet).

Or a horticulturist (I have 16 houseplants as of last count). I’m thankful Morgan has chosen this for her career. 

Weather & animals & plants affect everybody indiscriminately. Who isn’t aware when a thunderstorm rolls through through, or who can ignore a cute little puppy, or who doesn’t notice the scent or color of a fragrant bush in full bloom?

My mom and me with Jenna’ new puppy:  puppy On a field trip Monday to the National Weather Service, we learned more about the complexities and advances in weather forecasting.

They showed us many computers and instruments and monitors, but The Weather Rock was my favorite tool there:

Weather Rock
The Weather Rock

If this rock is wet, it’s raining.
If this rock is dry, it’s not.
If this rock is white, it’s snowing.
When this rock is warm, it’s hot.

If you can’t see this rock, it’s night;
If you can then there’s daylight.
If you see or feel it shake;
Obviously – an earthquake.
But if this rock should up and go,
Surely there’s a tornado.

You’ll get an accurate report whenever
You need to know about the weather.
But if your quest is not yet done,
Get your EMA to call the “HUN”
John “Rusty” Russell

Whichever part of nature you delight in the most, be a good steward of it. And let the blessing of the gifts lead you to a greater appreciation of the Giver.

Enjoy the creation; worship the Creator!

You are the LORD, you alone.
You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them;
and you preserve all of them;
and the host of heaven worships you.
Nehemiah 9:6

* * *

Suggested actions from the official Earth Day 2010 campaign include:

  • Bring your own cloth bags to the grocery store.
  • Reuse water bottles and bring your own mug to the coffee shop.
  • Buy local and organic food.
  • Use less water.
  • Get educated on conservation.
  • Promote a green economy.
    More here.

Thank you, Joyce, for hosting Corner View while Jane takes a coffee break.


Francesca said...

I'd love to be a horticulturist!

Joyce said...

I love nature too. Just tonight my husband said maybe I will change careers and become a forest ranger. I was all for it! We both love nature and animals. What a cute puppy!! xo

likeschocolate said...

Have a great week enjoying this lovely planet earth.


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