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Be humble

~ adapted from Lecture VII of Charity and Its Fruits
“The spirit of charity is an humble spirit”
by Jonathan Edwards

…Love is not arrogant or rude…
1 Corinthians 13:4b-5a

our-humble-godTrue love to God is not love to him as an equal; for every one that truly loves God, honors him as God, that is, as a being infinitely superior to all others in greatness and excellence.

Can God be humble?

Jonathan Edwards says no.

Humility cannot be an attribute of the divine nature because humility is a comparative trait. And no one is greater, wiser, lovelier, or more worthy than God. (When Jesus was man, he excelled in exemplifying humility, Philippians 2:6-8.)

So to develop more humility, compare yourself to God more often.

Who is more trustworthy: you or God? God.
Depend on him.
Who sets up the best and right commands: you or God? God.
Obey him.
Who is more deserving of honor: you or God? God.
Glorify him.

Allow humility to prevent self-justification. To discourage arrogance. To examine yourself. To seek grace for more humility toward God and men. To know God.

Humility is the source of some of the sweetest exercises of Christian experience; the most acceptable sacrifice we can offer to God; the subject of the richest of his promises; the spirit with which he will dwell on earth, and which he will crown with glory in heaven hearafter.

Earnestly seek, then, and diligently and prayerfully cherish, an humble spirit, and God shall walk with you here below; and when a few more days shall have passed, he will receive you to the honors bestowed on his people at Christ’s right hand.

* * *
Lecture VIII: Love is not selfish

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