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APRIL 2010 Posts

The gatherings—Friday’s Fave Five (4/30)
No cold water, please (4/29)
No snatching (4/28)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (4/28)
Animals—Corner View (4/27)
What’s on your nightstand?—April (4/27)
Bugs on a rose bush (4/26)
“God Gave Me You”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (4/24)
Life in Assisted Living—Friday’s Fave Five (4/23)
Is bruising bad? (4/22)
Where I hide (4/21)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (4/21)
Earth Day—Corner View (4/20)
Don’t just bite (4/19)
“Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s”—Book review (4/19)
“Just to Be with You”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (4/17)
Friday’s Fave Five (4/16)
A Bruised Reed (4/15)
Endure—stay under it (4/15)
Pull those weeds (4/14)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (4/14)
Contrasts #2—Corner View (4/13)
More from “66 Love Letters” (4/13)
“66 Love Letters”—Book review (4/12)
Run! It’s too risky not to (4/12)
“To Know You”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (4/10)
Friday’s Fave Five (4/9)
I can breathe! (4/8)
So I thought (4/7)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (4/7)
Who’s the Christian on American Idol? (4/6)
“A Hunger for God”—Book review (4/6)
Be humble (4/5)
“Counterfeit Gods”—Book review (4/4)
“No Not One”—Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (4/3)
Medical CARE—Friday’s Fave Five (4/2)
…at His feet (4/1)


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