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Animals—Corner View

Is this normal?



Ducks waddle around in everybody’s front yards, yes? No?

We’ve got these new additions in the back yard…

goslings Both my daughters love having their own puppy. (Does that mean the puppies are cousins?)

IMG_0472When Morgan was small, she always pretended she was a dog. But maybe that was better than Jenna pretending she’s Little Red Hen. (Do well in your play tonight, Jenna!)

IMG_0697God’s creativity is unparalleled in the animal kingdom!

I’m thankful for these “animals” he’s allowed in my life because I derive so much pleasure from them. (Well, not counting the gerbils, but Jenna still has fun with them…)

For more animals around the world, visit Joyce, our wonderful substitute hostess for Corner View.

* * *


Dianna said...

Enjoyed your post, Lisa! Your girls are beautiful!

Joyce said...

Great view of God's creatures in your corner! Love the pups!! xo

;) said...

Ha ha ! A cute family !!!

Francesca said...

I really like the photos of your daughters, and the little red hen outfit is great!

Anonymous said...

Oohww, so cute those little additions in your backgarden. Your daughters are beautiful indeed.

Kari said...

great photos of all creatures great and small.
That's a lovely photo of your daughters with their dogs.


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