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1. Designing through Psalms

I’ve been tweeting through one Psalm per day with Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like (#sclp), and others. Today I’m on Psalm 53. Philip Davis is one of my favorites to follow also doing this. He creates an original design for each psalm. This is his Psalm 1.
 Psalm 1_Philip Davis

Check out his archives for more insightful images from the Psalms.

2. An open letter to the buried

You’re right to feel like you’re in a deep hole and there’s no getting out. That it’s dark and damp and cold. That you can’t get out. It’s right to feel as though scoop after scoop of more of the same is being tossed on top of you.

But God is not burying you.

God is planting you.

Read the whole letter from Billy Coffey.

3. Desires and disciplines

Do you desire to read your Bible? Or is it strictly a discipline you force upon yourself? Read Mark Batterson’s post on turning your spiritual disciplines into spiritual desires.

4. A surprise love story

Don’t scroll through to the bottom; you’ll ruin the ending. Start at the top and read the whole thing. It’s a birth story that will touch you. And maybe change you, if you really listen.       (HT: Danielle for finding this story)Nella Cordelia by Kelle Hampton

5. What energizes you?

Are you recharged by being with people, or need to recharge after being with others? See if you relate to this review by The Antropologist about Adam S. McHugh’s Introverts in the Church.

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Karen said...

Oh. My. Lands. Nella's birth story was beyond words. Thanks for sharing it!


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