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Sweets—Corner View

This week’s Corner View is sweets.
Visit the links at Jane’s blog to be tempted by more views of sweets.

I’m guessing that the majority of us Corner View participants will include chocolate in some form. Here’s one of my favorite and purest forms:chocolate kisses

A sweet and special new friend gave me that bag full of kisses a few weeks ago. And I’m proud to say I still have quite a few left.

But after a conversation later where I boldly claimed that sweets are a gift from God to me for my pleasure, I decided I should check that. Make sure sweets are still gifts. Not idols.

Since I was preparing to fast from something anyway, I fasted from sweets for a week. I thank God that it turned out to be far easier than I ever imagined.

So now I return to my sweets, knowing that as long as I keep them in their proper place and in moderation, I’m free to enjoy them.

My mom’s birthday is today, so there have been lots of sweets hanging around lately. Some of her very special lady friends came by yesterday and brought her this sweet cake (chocolate, of course). mama's cake

It was very tasty. But even sweeter were their words, their smiles, their love for my mama, through thick and thin.

Godly women. Sweet friends. Those kind are really my favorites!mama's_sweet_friends  * * *

P. S.
Those who know me best will be shocked if there is no reference to chocolate chip cookies in the making of this post. So count this as it.

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth?


jane said...

love that shot of your mother. i always bring a bag of kisses back to spain with me when i´m visiting. i know they are the cheapest chocolate, but i still love them :)

likeschocolate said...

Yes, there is nothing better than Hersey Kisses

Anonymous said...

The corner view of this week is really not good for me. I get so insanely hungry. Now I want this kind of chocolate.....sigh...
Congratz with your mothers B-Day!

Francesca said...

Happy birthday to your mom!

Dorothy said...

I like chocolate well enough but I think my favorite sweet is buttery shortbread. I love it! And truthfully, a side of small piece of dark chocolate does compliment it very well.

Happy Birthday to your Mom, Lisa!


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