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Repurposed—Corner View

This week’s Corner View is repurposed—show an item in your house that you’ve found another use for.

I received this pill box for Christmas. But instead of having medicines in it, it contained encouraging notes from my teenage daughter. medicine notesThe instructions were to open one whenever I needed some encouragement. I’ve tried to be patient and not open them all at once. 

These are a few I’ve opened so far:

  • You cook and clean for your family when you don’t want to
  • You have unconditional love for me
  • You are willing to help when you don’t feel like it
  • You are very respectful
  • You answer most of my millions of questions
  • You are a “cool” person :-)
  • You are a wonderful chauffeur
  • You’re patient with me

I love my repurposed medicine box.
These words are more healing than any pills could ever be.

* * *

For more items that have been repurposed, visit the links at Jane’s.


Stephani Cochran said...

This is too cool! What a treasure. You must be an awesome mom.

graywolfie said...

Oh...this is interesting..
Thanks for sharing..

Dorothy said...

What a thoughtful daughter! And a smart one too! She knew the exact medicine to give her Mom to make her feel better. I love it!

Francesca said...

How sweet!

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

What a sweet and thoughtful gift from your daugher. Great notes to get you through a difficult day. Look forward seeing what else you pull out the box.

Joyce said...

A wonderful way to take a dose of daily medicine. Great idea. xo

liza said...

That is beautiful. What a lovely thing for a child to do for her mother. I think I'll do one for my husband (my rock). Thank you, Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, this is the best idea I have seen till now!! I think I'll aks my childeren AND husband to do this for me :-) Beautiful, beautiful!!

Lollipop said...

oh wow! lucky you! This must be the best medecine in the world! What a lovely present! your teenage girl must be a cool person too!

Ma life à moi said...

I think I need this kind of medicine too, thanx for sharing this great idea!

P I A said...

It' so sweet! Another idea to adopt!

Lisa Hellier said...

This would be a great Valentine's day present for someone. Thanks for sharing the idea.

denise said...

that is so sweet. such a great idea, and so loving.

jane said...

what a wonderful idea! will you tell her for me? hugs!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, this pill box !!!


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