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Keep up with it—Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five @ Living to Tell the StoryOne thing I love about the Bible is that God was always telling his people to remember this or remember that.

Remember what he had done.
Remember who he is.
Remember what he’s promising.

And he gave them the tools to do it. Like tablets and altars and feasts and psalms.

My list this week doesn’t include biggies like those, but I am thankful for five smaller ways that he helps me keep up with things I need to remember.

Moses may not have used Evernote to keep track of the Ten Commandments, and David didn’t keep track of his songs in a Moleskine journal. But I’m glad I can. Plus these:

Five of my favorite ways to “keep up with it”

 1. Google calendargoogle calendar
I created one to keep up with the meal rotation for my parents. My sisters and I update it as needed with doctor’s appointments, too. It’s been a great tool to keep us all on the same page. And, of course, it’s free. And it’s Google. 

2. Guest book
My youngest sister bought a journal this week to keep at my parents’ house to record all the visitors they’re having. It helps us see who has visited each day during the times we’re not there. (And also what thank-you notes we need to start writing!)

3. Outlook Calendaroutlook calendar
So I like calendars. But this one is THE major one that keeps me knowing what to do next. The routine things, like quiet times; the one-time events, like trips; almost everything. If I put it on this calendar, it will either get done, or at least consciously postponed or deleted.

4. Labeled file folders
I am so, so thankful that I kept up with most of my notes from teaching Algebra 2 to Morgan five years ago. Now I can pull them out when Jenna needs help this year, versus having to redo all the toughest problems over again from scratch. grocery listIt has come in handy again this week.

5. Lists
Just in general. I love lists. I live by lists. They’re not for everybody, but they work for me. To do; To read; To buy; To pack; To memorize; etc. They get things out of my brain and onto paper, freeing my mind for more important things. Yesterday a friend reminded me of another list I need to start that will be helpful a few months from now. I’ll put that on my To do list. :-)

* * *

How do YOU keep up with what you need to remember?

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Hazel said...

I also keep a to-do list:) The Google and Outlook calendars make a great organizing tool. I might try them one of these days. The guest book is such a lovely idea. And wow! you teach Algebra... until now I don't understand it. Oh well, neat list :)

Melli said...

I SHOULD keep a to do list... but I don't. I just keep things in my head - which is a very dangerous place these days! Okay... you've guilted me into it... ya know... I actually made one of those google calendars a long time ago and never use it. Every day I get an email reminder that tells me I have NOTHING scheduled today! How I WISH that were true! :)

Willow said...

Lists! I love lists! I make them, I use them, I cross stuff off them! This week I started a list of what I'll need to pack for my cold weather trip next weekend. Calendars are also my friends. If it's not on the calendar, it might not happen.

The guest book at your parents' house is a great idea.

Carrie said...

"Moses may not have used Evernote to keep track of the Ten Commandments, and David didn’t keep track of his songs in a Moleskine journal. But I’m glad I can." -- I grinned so big over that one! That's an awesome statement.

LOVE the idea of using Google calendar with your sister to help care for your parents. That is a great way to use that particular feature and how helpful! Wonderful that you are finding ways to help you work through this!

As always, thanks for sharing.

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Okay you are putting me to shame! I use Outlook at school/work...but never thought about it for home stuff too! Thanks for the idea! Will you come an organize me at work? Have a great weekend!

Young Wife said...

I love lists, and Outlook's calendar is great. The guest book is a good idea. I got a dry erase board/calendar from Target and hung it in our office. I write down things my husband and I need to do and meals for the week. On the calendar part, I write down appointments and bills on the day they are due. It's helped us a lot!

elizabeth said...

I am a paper and pen kind of gal. I go nowhere without Bible and Dayrunner which holds my calendar, contacts, to do lists and even journal pages. I can't remember anything without physically writing it down!

ellen b said...

Oh I do love my lists! Don't know where this brain would be without them. I like how you referenced that God calls us to remember! Blessings on your weekend...

Susanne said...

I'm a list girl too and have all sorts of them all over the place. Nothing feels so great like crossing something off a to do list or a to read list.

Brenda said...

I have used google calendar before and found it to be helpful. And I love keeping lists. Thats another reason why I want an iPhone, you can keep lists on it!

Dorothy said...

I just started using Google calendar this year and I love it! The three of us share our calendars with each other and I love the fact that I can "overlay" them and see what is going on with each one of us at any given time.

And I am most definitely a list person! I can't imagine all the things I'd forget without a list. Now I just have to remember to look at the list!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You are an organized lady -- that's GREAT! I'll have to check out both those calendars. I live by the one on my wall, that's for sure.

Happy weekend!

Deidra said...

You're way organized. I use a calendar (one on the wall, and one on the computer) and I make a list everyday.

Karen said...

I'm a list person too!

Lisa notes... said...

What fun to read everyone's comments! I'm taking notes. :-) Some great ideas out there. And one day I hope to graduate up to an iPhone. I'm sure I would love one. Thanks, all!


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