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Twitter Prayers (Nov 4 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 4 at 'Rebecca Writes'Yesterday when my neighbor was in the hospital, I sent a tweet asking for prayers for her recovery.

Not only did people I know pray, but people I didn’t know also prayed. My tweet was retweeted to someone else, who retweeted it to someone else, etc. It’s a wonderful use of technology.

Writing my thoughts in 140 characters or less for Twitter is sometimes easy, sometimes hard.

The same with praying. Sometimes it takes lots of words to spit out all I want to say to the Lord.

But other times, it takes very few words to send him my message.

Twitter prayersSome of my favorite “twitter prayers” to God: 

  • Help me, please!
  • You are so awesome.
  • Please forgive me. Again. 
  • I praise you, Lord.
  • I need your love.
  • You are enough.
  • Why are you so good to me?
  • I can’t do this on my own.
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • I believe; help my unbelief.
  • I love you!

Short, easy prayers, but God still lets me go over the limit of characters anytime I need to.

His service is never down. His connection is full bars. His updates are always relevant. He retweets my requests to the right people. He lets just anybody be his follower, and he always follows you back. He never spams and needs no blocking.

He reads and answers every single tweet he receives. Every single one.

The perfect Twitter Friend. He’s the King of social networking…and mental transformation…and lifestyle modification…and replacing bad hearts with pure ones.

He does it all. I am thankful.


Cherry B said...

Doesn't it seem as though there are even contrasts in that?

My niece just left the hospital yesterday after more than two weeks in. I posted on Facebook about it. My girlfriend saw that and is sending a package to my niece to keep her busy when she's stuck in a bed for so long. Love, love, love all that that means :)

Unknown said...

I was listening to _Mere Christianity_ on CD this week, and CS Lewis makes an interesting point about prayer. Skeptics disbelieve the possibility of prayer, much less its power, because they question how God could listen to all of us at once. Lewis makes an excellent point that God is beyond time, so He doesn't have to listen to everyone at once. He can stop time and listen to anyone He wants, and He does just that. He listens to everyone's prayers unlimited by the time constraints we humans have in listening to conversations and requests from others. He stops time and listens to just you, and He's got all the time in the world (plus some more) to listen to whatever you need to talk to Him about.

Anonymous said...

Great point Lisa! For all the bad on the internet, it is so TRUE that God can also use it for good in so many ways! Love the short "Twitter prayers!" "I can't do this on my own" seems to be a common prayer for m lately.
Praise God that His network is NEVER down and short prayers and LONG prayers are ALL heard by God!

Tea said...

I am not doing well with the memory verses. I so lack discipline. I don't want to give up.


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