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Plans (Nov 17 – Thanks)

November of Thanks 17 at 'Rebecca Writes' The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley.
~To a Mouse by Robert Burns, 1785

The best laid-plans. Yeah, I know what can happen to them. I’ve had a few go awry lately, much to my chagrin.

But I also know what happens when I don’t make a plan at all. Life happens either way, but I’m far more likely to squander time and be less fulfilled in the long run if I have no plan.

So as I look at my week, I see it’s too full. There’s no way to do everything I want to do. Anybody relate?

I need a better plan.

I need to bump less important things off my schedule so I’ll have time for the more important things this week. Like celebrating my husband’s birthday, watching my neighbor in a play, and going to a concert with my daughter.

And daily sitting down to give thanks for something. I don’t want to scrimp on this November of Thanks. It’s been good for me to consciously choose a special gift from God each day and thank him publicly for it. And to visit around reading about the gifts he’s given you. (We gather at Rebecca’s; join us!)

My plans for this week are now set into a new schedule. But, Lord willing, I’ll still be open to adjustments as needed.

Actually, as I’m writing this (Monday afternoon), I have my cousin’s sleeping baby lying against my chest. I had set aside 4 hours this afternoon just to hold her because I assumed she’d spend much of the afternoon crying.

But instead, she’s asleep, peacefully, right here with me. I hadn’t planned for that. But I’ll take it. And I’m thankful.


Dorothy said...

A sleeping baby lying on your chest! What a wonderful blessing to give thanks for!

Lisa Hellier said...

My morning alone was a perfect example of how easily my plans go awry. The beautiful way that God worked it out though made me worship Him in fresh gratitude.

Selwyn said...

I couldn't figure out how to comment on the Rebecca link (don't tell anyone I'm a computer programmer!) but I did want to THANK our Magnificent, Gracious, Generous Lord for His concept of family - and especially for giving me many wonderful brothers and sisters but today, especially for Lisa! Her prayers for me helped me through a difficult situation at work and praise the Lord He answered them! My meeting went well and I think I already see how God is bringing good out of bad. I do not understand why God loves me and blesses me as much as He does but I am indescribably thankful that He does!

jenmom said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! It's nice to "meet" you!
I've also enjoyed the mindset of being thankful each day. It has changed my whole attitude and I've been able to exercise such contentment! This hopefully will become a "holy" habit!!


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