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NOVEMBER 2009 Posts

In any order. Psalm 62 – Memory Monday (11/30)
My favorite memes and leaders (Nov 30–Thanks) (11/30)
I can hear again! (Nov 29–Thanks) (11/29)
What’s the greater gift? (Lecture II “Charity”) (11/29)
Friends for life (Nov 28–Thanks) (11/28)
“I’d Need a Savior”–Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (11/28)
Be accepting (Ch 9–“Spiritual Mothering”) (11/27)
Fun rivalries (Nov 27–Thanks) (11/27)
Timing–Friday’s Fave Five (11/27)
Reminders to give thanks (Nov 26–Thanks) (11/26)
“Come to the Table”–Book review (11/26)
Feeling the birthday love (Nov 25–Thanks) (11/25)
Just one thing?–Psalm 27 (11/25)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (11/25)
Menu–Corner view (11/24)
Less noise (Nov 24–Thanks) (11/24)
What’s on your nightstand–November (11/24)
Prepositions count: Rom 10–Memory Monday (11/23)
Unexpected reading time (Nov 23–Thanks) (11/23)
Can these bones live? (Wk 11 Ezekiel) (11/22)
The 80-yr-old’s comment (Nov 22–Thanks) (11/22)
Breakfast at Hardee’s (Nov 21–Thanks) (11/21)
“New Creation”–Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (11/21)
Sharing music (Nov 20–Thanks) (11/20)
Highlights–Friday’s Fave Five (11/20)
A ministry of encouragement (Ch 8 “Spiritual Mothering) (11/19)
Good advice (Nov 19–Thanks) (11/19)
Psalm 34 unleashed (11/18)
Another year with him (Nov 18–Thanks) (11/18)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (11/18)
Plans (Nov 17–Thanks) (11/17)
3 uses of 1 Corinthians 13 (Ch 1b of “Charity”) (11/16)
Are you convinced yet? Rom 8–Memory Monday (11/16)
A new sister in Christ (Nov 16–Thanks) (11/16)
Cleaning help (Nov 15–Thanks) (11/15)
Bad shepherd, good shepherd (Wk 10 Ezekiel) (11/15)
Comment love (Nov 14–Thanks) (11/14)
“Heaven Is the Face”–Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (11/14)
All roads lead home (Nov 13–Thanks) (11/13)
Gifts of grace–Friday’s Fave Five (11/13)
Breaks (Nov 12–Thanks) (11/12)
At least a little (11/11)
The right song at the right time (Nov 11–Thanks) (11/11)
Dish–Corner View (11/10)
Other people’s kids (Nov 10–Thanks) (11/10)
A mutual purpose (Ch 7 “Spiritual Mothering”) (11/10)
He will. He will. He will. Jeremiah 32–Memory Monday (11/9)
6:00-7:00 a.m. (Nov 9–Thanks) (11/9)
My church home (Nov 8–Thanks) (11/8)
This hurts me more than it hurts you (Wk 9 Ezekiel) (11/8)
“Take Me as I Am”–Then Sings My Soul Saturdays (11/7)
Book swapping (Nov 7–Thanks) (11/7)
It could be worse–Friday’s Fave Five (11/6)
Giggling with Grandma (Nov 6–Thanks) (11/6)
“Kabul24”–Book review (11/5)
Passionate Bible teachers (Nov 5–Thanks) (11/5)
Twitter prayers (Nov 4–Thanks) (11/4)
The Word is my answer (11/4)
Wondrous Words Wednesday (11/4)
Contrasts–Corner View (11/3)
Use words to encourage (Ch 6 “Spiritual Mothering) (11/3)
Memorizing with my daughter (Nov 3–Thanks) (11/3)
An extra push (Nov 2–Thanks) (11/2)
Giving away Jeremiah 29–Memory Monday (11/2)
“The Time Paradox”–Book review (11/2)
God has left the building (Wk 8 Ezekiel) (11/1)
Using the lessons (Nov 1–Thanks) (11/1)


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