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Giggling with Grandma (Nov 6 – Thanks)

November of Thanks6 at 'Rebecca Writes' I heard the phone ring this morning. Caller-ID said it was Mama Jo. So Jenna answered it to have an early-morning giggle with her grandmother.

Jenna is the baby on both sides of the family, and receives all the privileges that come with the title—one of which is having a special bond with the grandmothers. She really loves them; they really love her.

On the phone with Mama Jo, she swapped stories and plans and laughs. A teen girl and a older woman. They couldn’t have more fun together.

I am thankful for that.

* * *

What are you thankful for this month? Share one thing each day of November by leaving a comment on Rebecca’s blog, or e-mailing her, or writing your own post. She then compiles and shares them daily. Count your blessings!


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