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Breaks (Nov 12 - Thanks)

November of Thanks 12 at 'Rebecca Writes'I love a routine. Ruts don’t bother me. I’m comfortable working a schedule.

They eliminate unnecessary angst of constant deliberation over everyday decisions. They’re freeing.

But I also love breaks. Today I’m taking one. No schedules or clock-watching or schoolwork.

Deep breaths. Rest. Appreciation of His presence.

He knows when I need to break from the ordinary to indulge in the sacred.

Today I can. Today I will.
Today, again, I’m thankful.


Karen said...

Days of rest are so awesome, aren't they? That's why I look forward to Friday nights and Saturday mornings. It's our day of rest and I look forward to relaxing on Friday night and watching cooking shows with my older daughter. We also usually fix each other's hair and sometimes have coffee. Then Saturday mornings are just free - free to watch TV, free to read, free to be on the computer....etc. It's a break in the week from all the chores and school work - as you said - a time to take deep breaths and just rest.

Hope you enjoy your day!

likeschocolate said...

Enjoy the day!


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