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Visiting the daughter – Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five at Living to Tell the Story We went to visit the daughter at college last weekend. It’s always a fun and interesting time.

If you have kids who’ve made it away from home, you’ll relate. If not yet, here’s what you have to look forward to. :-)

1. Clean bathrooms
Cleaned for me, not by me. A delicious mother payback treat. It always makes me smile. And is always good for a big compliment and thanks from me to her. 

2. Funny food
Jeff continues his Sunday morning cooking tradition when we visit her. So we scan the refrigerator Saturday night to look for eggs, unexpired milk, etc. It’s usually good for a chuckle to see the leftovers that have been left over way too long (not implying that my own fridge is exempt from this). And it’s usually a good prompt for a trip to the grocery store.

3. We get the bed
She gives up her bed for Jeff and me, and she sleeps on the couch or air mattress. I don’t take that for granted. It’s a sweet sign of respect for her “elderly” parents. But next time I’ll bring my own blankets – she saves money by keeping the heat really low. Brrr. But I’m proud of her for that, too.

4. Going to her church
Technically, it was my husband’s church first, during his own college years. But now it’s hers. I enjoy going to class with her, passing notes during the sermon, and hearing her sing.

5. Courteous good-byes
She’s very polite about it, but I can tell when it’s time to leave Sunday afternoon. We take her out to lunch, then pack up, and start killing time. But she needs to be studying and is usually anxious to get out the door herself. That’s okay; I understand. So we leave.  game

She’s a gracious hostess, and I’m proud of her hospitality. It’s such fun having an “almost” grown daughter to go visit. She’s already invited us back. We’re blessed.

* * *

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Barbara H. said...

When our oldest two were in college, they commuted all but one year that one was in the dorms, so we haven't had that experience of going to visit and stay with them. My married son lives in town, so we haven't stayed overnight, but it's fun to go over for a meal and be the guest now.

Sounds like she's doing great! I do remember in college that it was fun when someone visited but could be stressful as well because there was so much to do. It's good that you picked up on when it was time to go. Sounds like a wonderful visit overall.

Susanne said...

Sounds like when we go see our girl. We were amazed how she cleaned up for us. It was really sweet because we knew she had worked hard for us.

So glad you had such a great visit. It's really neat that she's going to her dad's old church and school.

Hazel said...

You have such a wonderful daughter and the visit sounded so great!

This reminds me of my mother visiting me in college so many years ago. I lived in an all-girls dormitory and we shared the bed like girl friends :-)

Carrie said...

Sounds like a wonderfully fun trip that blessed you very much! Glad to hear it.

Jerralea said...

It's such a weird feeling sometimes to see your child as a grownup! My oldest is now 23 and I look at her and wonder where that little baby went!

It sounds like you've trained your daughter well!

nikkipolani said...

What a blessing to see your daughter on her own and how she's growing up and taking responsibility. I can sympathize with the refrigerator scrounge -- mine is right at that stage now.

Lynn Severance said...

What a delightful posting, Lisa - I felt like I was there with you.

Some years ago a really good friend of mine allowed me to accompany her to a "parent's weekend" at her son's college ( her son also being a favorite of mine ). There is no way I would have ever had such an experience and I am so appreciative that I did.

I loved my college years but my parents lived across the USA. I lived with my grandmother. There was never any thoughts that they would come visit - probably because I was already with family. I really never thought of that until now - tons of years later.

Anonymous said...

What a great week you had my friend. I love the refrigerator part. So typical. Boy that brings back the memories. :) Great FFF and have a great weekend :)

TXDidi said...

I've loved visiting our daughter, too. And this year she and her husband are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time in our family's history. Yay! It's awesome, isn't it, to see them growing and maturing into Godly women.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Sounds like a great visit with a very sweet girl!

ellen b. said...

Ahh what a sweet blessing. It's great to see our adult kids taking adult ownership :0)

Willow said...

I love visiting my adult children! It's so much fun to see them being the ones doing the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning!

Karyn said...

sounds like you have a lovely girl and did a great job of training her to be an adult!

Jientje said...

Quality time with your daughter is oh so wonderful. I know, I was visiting mine yesterday, and she cooked for us and really gave us a wonderful evening!

Kay said...

I was just upstairs with Mackenzie a few minutes ago and she was looking at colleges online... one of them in Texas about 18 hours away. Too far!!! ;-) And this afternoon, we had a nice 'discussion' about cleaning up her room and bathroom. So I had to laugh at the thought of visiting her one of these days and thinking that she might actually clean up for ME!! :) It's encouraging to hear your experience with Morgan - you are very blessed. :)

Laurie M. said...

What a CUTE post! My girl has moved out, but is only a mile away, so we don't get to be houseguests. I wonder how she'd behave if she were in your daughter's shoes.


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