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Hometown souvenirs – Corner View

My hometown had its 29th annual Street Festival last Saturday (and I’ve actually attended most of those), so I snapped a few shots of things that were for sale.

For more pictures of “typical souvenirs” around the world, visit Jane at Spain Daily. It’s always an informative and cultural adventure!

Country crafts
They often revolve around sports teams, holidays, or Bible verses.

Country crafts

These images of a Native American and a Civil War soldier were carved by an older gentleman who took up the hobby only 13 years ago. He had never dabbled in the arts at all prior to this. I was very impressed. (And sad that I didn’t write down his name.) 


The space industry is responsible for multitudes of jobs in my area, including those of my immediate family. My own family’s migration from Mississippi in the early ‘60’s was complements of NASA and President Kennedy’s race-to-the-moon challenge.

So the Saturn V rocket and the Space Shuttle are part of our everyday skyline. A typical tourist is bound to take home souvenirs and photos like these.

Rocket city


Jodi said...

Lisa love the pictures.. Thanks for stopping by my corner of the world.

Jodi said...

Funny thing about Red Lobster. We had one in Portland and it did so poorly it had to close. So, I'd say not so good! Lots of frozen fish.

jane said...

how i love american crafts!

shayndel said...

Beaufiful quilts and weaving of cultures...
nice to meet you through this weeks CV,
thanks for stopping by. Happy week to you!

Kari said...

I love the country crafts. I envy woman who can make those beautiful quilts.


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