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In this moment: A prayer of Psalm 34

 stop timeThis I pray:

I bless you, LORD,
          in your presence
                    in this moment
My soul magnifies the exalted I AM.                                       
PSALM 34:1-3

This is me: 
                         Yesterday, I sinned.
                    Today, I sin.
               Tomorrow, I will sin.
Oh, how I need your deliverance.
Oh, how you hear and save me!
                 Every day. Every time.                                                   PSALM 34:4-7

                I’m hungry. You fill.
   I’m afraid. You encourage.
                I lack no good thing.                                                         PSALM 34:8-10

To fear you – keep my lips from deceit.
To do good – turn me away from evil.
To be near you – heal my broken spirit.                                  PSALM 34:11-18

You are my Keeper and my Savior and my Redeemer.
          Because of you, this servant stands…uncondemned.
                    I take refuge in you.
In your presence.
In this moment.                                                                                  PSALM 34:19-22

So be it. 

Walk with Him Wednesday @ Holy Experience Continue “How I Pray” with the community at Holy Experience.
Be blessed.

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Rosario said...

thanks for your comment. I like your post too. God is so great that he forgives us and we are renewed in his love.

Bonnie said...

Hey Lisa,

You can make that potato soup if you like. It's easy and so yummy ! I have the recipe posted on my cooking blog ....

~ Bonnie

Lisa notes... said...

Thanks, Bonnie. I went to your link and got the recipe. Can't wait to try it.

Traci Michele said...

Hey Lisa!
Hey there! Your blog is beautiful and so is your heart for God.

Come join us this weekend over at my blog for Weekend Wisdom and Worship- Week 1! Check it out, I know you'll like it. Let us encourage the body of Christ together.

Nice to meet you new friend!


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