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Wondrous Words Wednesdays

Wondrous Words Wednesday What new words have you learned lately?

Here are six new words for me. Check out more at Wondrous Words Wednesdays on Bermudaonion’s weblog.

1. grok

Definition—get the meaning of something

Usage“If you break too many rules, it'll backfire. If the graph is hard to grok, or appears tweaked too much, we cease to believe it.” From Seth’s Blog

2. pastiche
(n) [past-EESH]

Definition—a work of art that mixes styles or copies the style of another artist

Usage“The pastiches of famous people performed by American idol’s contestants are one manifestation of that impatience.” From Against the Machine

3. histrionic
(adj) [his-tree-ON-ik]

Definition—very dramatic and full of exaggerated emotion

Usage“Another exaggerates his fatal histrionic flaw into a self-consciously outrageous effect.” From Against the Machine

4. dystopian
(adj)  [dis-TOH-pee-uhn]

Definition—as bad as can be; characterized by human misery

Usage“Yet the science-fiction-like dystopian side of the blogosphere never gets commented on at length.” From Against the Machine

5. tendentious
(adj) [ten-DEN-shuhs]

Definition—having a definite tendency, bias, or purpose

Usage“For a consumer exercising his right to get news when and where he feels like it will probably depend on biased outlets, mediocre or tendentious commentators; or “customized” sources that reflect back to him only what he wants to hear.” from Against the Machine

6. groat

Definition—a former British coin worth four old pennies

Usage“My friends died and did not leave me a groat, but I thank God, He has provided for me.” From The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment


bermudaonion said...

Grok is a fantastic word! I know I can work that into a conversation today. Thanks for participating!

Margot said...

For such a little word you'd think we would already know grok. That's one I can remember.

Sandra said...

Very interesting words. I did not know grok or groat. I've just done my first Wondrous Words post, they are fun.


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