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Friday’s Fave Five

friday's fave five I’m here at Summer Celebration on Lipscomb University’s campus, so I’m choosing to celebrate five favorite speakers/teachers that I’ve heard this week for my Friday’s Fave Five.

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In no particular order:

1. Chet McDoniel
Chet was born without any arms and with shortened legs. Yet he chooses joy. He keeps it secure in Jesus. I hope to spend some time at his website soon or read his latest book, I’m Not Broken: You Don’t Need Arms to Be Happy. (And his dad is quite an inspiration in his own right as well.)

2. Keith Lancaster
I’ve listened to his music and sung praises with him for decades. He still has great passion for Jesus, for singing, and for keeping 4-part harmony singing alive.

3. Buddy Bell
He’s a pulpit minister in Montgomery, Alabama.  He preached a powerful sermon last night about worshiping our holy, gracious God. “The truth is: I’m a whole lot worse than I thought I was, and God is a whole lot better than I thought he was.”

4. Jerome Williams
He led singing before Buddy Bell got up to preach last night. If you’ve ever been in a worship service with Jerome, you’ll know what I mean about this man having a special gift to make you aware you’re in the presence of the Lord.

5. Randy Lowry
I’ve been so impressed with this president of Lipscomb University and with his wife Rhonda. They both seem genuinely devoted to guiding a generation of young people towards serving others with the love of God. With intentionality, with courage, and with graciousness.


Hazel said...

I saw a video of Chet McDoniel once. Thanks for mentioning that as I've forgotten to have a look at his website, and I think I should. I love your description of Randy Lowry. It's such a blessing to be around people who inspire. Great faves!

Susanne said...

I've seen a video of Chet McDoniel also. I remember being very inspired by it. How neat that you got to listen to him in person.


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