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The Unveiling

Can you capture the essence of yourself in a photo? Of course not, but here's my attempt at an unveiling anyway.

5. Curiosity is a big part of who I am.
curiosity (Please tell me somebody else uses binoculars as home decor.) For some reason (I usually blame my dad), I have an unquenchable thirst to learn more. So homeschooling has been a great fit and a huge part of who I am for the past 15 years.

4. I love growing things.
living things
So I can’t ditch a plant until I’m 99% positive there’s no chance of rejuvenation. I have some plants like this, and others like that.

3. My psyche is magnetized to structure and organization.
I feel more peaceful when I have boundaries in place. But projects often spill over their boundaries. My dresser reflects the mix. I don’t like it to look like this, but it usually does anyway. Hardees’ coupons, rechargeable batteries, World magazine, fingernail polish, pens and sticky notes, receipts, perfume, paper clips.

2. But go deeper in and you’ll find my family.
my family
I love these people. They are a huge part of who I am. The second and third thing that I want said of me when I die is “She really loved her husband, and she really loved her kids.”

1. And in the deepest place of my heart is Jesus.
(No picture of course; what camera could ever capture His quintessence?) The main thing I'd like said of me one day is “She was a worshiper of Yahweh.”
Because of Him, I can unveil my most true self. It’s not pretty, but thankfully, Whose I am is more important than who I am.

* * *


Bonnie said...

lovely to learn so much about who you are ! thanks for sharing ...

jane said...

great post lisa! love the photo of you and your girls! you have beautiful smiles! yeah and the plant thing- i can totally relate... dos besos!

Lisa Spence said...

What a fun glimpse into your corner of the world! You and your girls are beautiful!

Brenda said...

Hey- are the African Violets from Sharon from a few years ago? I still have mine and they are doing well and look almost just like yours. Mine are beside my bathtub with some other plants, such as a $1.50 Shamrock plant I got on clearance after St. Patrick's day 2008. It is flourishing and bloomed with little white flowers this spring to surprise me!


Lisa notes... said...

Yes, the healthy pot is from Sharon's plant. What a trooper it's been. It needed repotting about 3 years ago, but I didn't do it, so it strings out everywhere now and is way too tangled for me to cut it up without killing it all. But it lives on and I love it. :-)

Brenda said...

Yeah, mine's tangled up, too! :-) I can't believe how healthy they are. Must have been something Sharon did to them! :-)


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