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John 6

gospel of john Questions
6a. What was your greatest childhood fear?
6b. Where in your life do you need Jesus to say, “It is I, don’t be afraid” (v 20)?

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What's happening in John 6?
vv 1-15 Jesus feeds five thousand
vv 16-24 Jesus walks on water
vv 25-59 Jesus is the Bread of Life
vv 60-71 The words of eternal life


Lynn Severance said...

6a. When I was a child I had a true fear of dogs. I would become almost paralyzed around them. I don't know why but it went away at some point while I was young and is of no concern in my life today.

6s. There are times I am afraid that I will no longer be able to live on my own with the physical challenges I face each day. I am so appreciative of being on my own and the thought of needing to go to a care home makes me feel afraid. I've no family who would step in to help me. This fear does not consume me but I hate it when these kinds of thoughts flare up. I want to live in the present not waste precious moments on anticipatory worry. God would ask me to remember his consistent faithfulness to me all my life and say "Do not be afraid". All my days are in his hands.

Lisa notes... said...

6a. I was afraid of lightning hitting the house and catching it on fire. We had one of those tall antennas on top of the house (remember those? Turn it to get the channel you want? ha), and I was afraid it would attract lightning and I'd be the first to burn.

6b. Even though my physical challenges are nowhere near Lynn's, I think about where they COULD lead and how I would handle it. I know that all will be okay, regardless of what happens, but the devil works at me through the "unknown" factor.

Lynn, your faith is one of my inspirations. Thank you for being open about your challenges. I'll continue to pray for the joy of the independence you have now and for contented acceptance of whatever is down the road. None of us have any guarantees except that Father will take care of it, whatever "it" turns out to be. Blessings to you, my friend!

Lynn Severance said...

Thank you, Lisa!

I am suspecting we build faith by stepping through the fears and the "what ifs" and finding that God is our faith. I think the human us will always struggle just so we come to know Who is in charge.



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