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John 12

gospel of john Questions
12a. What do you like best about parades?

12b. What convinced you that Jesus is King?

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What's happening in John 12?
vv 1-8 Mary anoints Jesus at Bethany
vv 9-11 The plot to kill Lazarus
vv 12-19 The triumphal entry
vv 20-26 Some Greeks seek Jesus
vv 27-36 The Son of Man must be lifted up
vv 37-43 The unbelief of the people
vv 44-50 Jesus came to save the world


Lisa notes... said...

12a. Best: a really good marching band

Worst: the clowns in little cars that randomly skirt too close to the crowd

12b.It sounds trite, but I never knew Jesus as anything else. I have had to make my faith my own, but the journey has been a progression, not one starting from scratch. A blessing from my parents and the Lord!

Lynn said...

12a. I am tall so when at a parade i can usually see about everything going on as the folks and their gear pass by. Since my challenges arrived - not such a welcome parade! - being in crowds and standing for a time is not conducive to being at a parade.

12b. I have no conscious moment not knowing Jesus and I give that credit to my grandmother and mother. Much as Lisa, my maturing to know Him as King of my heart and life is something that evolved and it is mostly life events when His faithfulness manifests itself that continues to deepen that awareness.


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