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Friday’s Fave Five # 4

friday's fave five I love Fridays. Thanks, Susanne, was starting this Friday’s Fave Five meme 40 weeks ago (even though I just discovered you a few weeks ago).

We need to take time often to think about how God has blessed us. He gives us so many wonderful things all the time; let’s remember to thank him for them, big and small!

amazon box 1. Packages in the mail
I love getting a good personal e-mail or Facebook message, don’t get me wrong. But I haven’t left my first love—snail mail. A hand-signed card with a heart-felt message is hard to beat. Yesterday I got a package, which is the next best thing. Especially when it’s from Amazon and it contains the books I wanted before I go out of town!

2. My mailman...
...the one who, in the rain, brought that package to the porch for me—Thank you, Mr. polite, young, Mail Carrier. That was a nice touch.

3. Chimichangas and fondue
My neighbor who is moving in 4 days (!) cooked supper for ME last night. (What’s wrong with this picture? I’m trying to not feel guilty about it, but rather just accept HER hospitality. :-)) She made chimichangas for dinner and had fresh fruit and chocolate fondue for dessert. No wonder I don’t want her to leave.

facebook chat 4. Chat with the nieces
I love the little snippets of conversations we have late at night on FB chat. Lots of lol with them this week.

5. Not getting the clothes out 
The dryer beeped twice before I got up yesterday to answer it. But when I made it into the laundry room, it had been turned off...because my teenage daughter was standing there getting the clothes out herself. Ah, nice moments!


Pamela said...

I have connected with so many people that I had lost touch with via Facebook - don't you love it? Packages from Amazon are a big hit in this house, too.

Great list - I really enjoyed reading it.

Jerralea said...

I love getting snail mail, too! Cards and packages are the best!

I've got to say that I agree with you about not getting the clothes out of the dryer yourself - definitely a favorite!

So sweet of your neighbor to entertain before leaving. If it was me, my head would be spinning and I'd have way too much to do to have dinner guests!

Brenda said...

Do you know how some people have little "contests" on their blogs and give away prizes? I have been thinking for a while now to have a give-away on my blog, where the entry "fee" is a hand-written letter to me. If you send me a letter, I will put you in the drawing for the prize. This is because I LOVE to receive letters and NEVER do anymore. :-) So I thought I might bribe people!

Lisa notes... said...

And the prize will be...? :-)

Skoots1moM said...

cute post

Susanne said...

Oooo, I'm loving the teenager getting the clothes out of the dryer. My oldest used to do that once in a while and boy it was a blessing everytime. Now if that would somehow rub off on the other two. ;v)

I'm totally with you on getting cards in the mail. I love it and I keep everyone!


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