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Does God have the right to?

light shining through windowProdigal Jon at Stuff Christians Like will make you laugh. I often laugh out loud (to be distinguished from simply typing “lol”) when I read his posts.

His post this past Wednesday was: “Arguing about why bad things happen to good people” and it started out humorous enough. But it got deep quickly.

...The question is not "Does He love us?" My life circumstances do not determine that. He is love. Regardless of what happens to me in this life, that is who He is and who He will always be.

He then went through several more “The question is not…” questions. Such as, “Do we have to fake smile through pain?” Answer: no.
“If God is supposed to work all things out for the good, why is this situation so painful?” Answer: Our understanding of “good” doesn’t always match God’s.
“Can I trust a God that allows bad things to happen to good people?” Answer: Our God is much bigger than our ability to understand what He’s doing. We confuse “good” and “bad” too often to be an authority.

So what question does Jon say we should ask? This one:

Does God have the right to crack the vessel if breaking it is the fastest way to share what He poured into us?

What shall we answer?


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