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5 things to see differently

Through the eyes of hospitality, see differently.

1. See the situation differently.
We have all the resources we need. All of the great pressures that hospitality brings and all of the risks and costs can never deplete what we have in Christ.

2. See others differently.
We have a choice. Is the person in front of us an annoyance or a beloved guest? ...If our spiritual eyes are open to the gift of hospitality, we look for people who need a special welcome. We look for strangers who need to be loved. ...With the eyes of hospitality, we can see others as Jesus does.

3. See time differently.
Being a good host does take time. It takes a relaxed sense of time to nurture relationships. ...We speak volumes about how we love someone by how much time we are willing to spend with them. For many of us, time is our most precious resource.

4. See God differently.
This is the God who wants to provide for all of our needs as hosts. When we see God differently, we begin to see our giving differently. Why not give in an outlandish, extravagant way, if God is the one supplying the provisions for our needs?

5. See ourselves differently.
That does not mean I can be careless in my work because God will always cover my mistakes, but it does mean I can relax in the grace of God. I’m not the one ultimately responsible. I’m the one God has chosen to work through. But God is the one doing the real work, not men.

~Michele Hershberger
A Christian View of Hospitality

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