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Satan’s Cup Refused - 11

jesus on cross Selections from The Cross He Bore, Chapter 11

Mark 15:23
"And they offered him wine mixed with myrrh, but he did not take it."

* * *

It was customary, by way of preparation for crucifixion, to offer the condemned a sedative drink. The soporific mixture offered to the Saviour was immediately refused. As soon as he tasted it he realized what it was (Matthew 27:34).

A drink to quench his thirst would have been welcome, and he did accept such a drink (Matthew 27:48). That sour wine he accepted, but the drugged drink he instantly refused. To the very last he must have full possession of his senses.

* * *

What if Christ had accepted that cup (and that is to imagine the impossible)? Then, with a befuddled brain, he could not have prayed for the soldiers who were waiting to nail him to the cross. Then those seven great saysings ont he cross would never have been uttered. Then his obedience would at least have been broken and all would have been lost.

* * *

Adam had disobeyed knowingly, with all his senses clear. The ‘last Adam’ must obey willingly and with a clear mind.

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