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Book Review: “a call to die”

On Day 40, David Nasser sums up his book “a call to die: a 40 day journey of fasting from the world & feasting on God”: a_call_to_die_david_nasser

Hopefully this forty-day journey has allowed God to change your identity—not just your behavior...If you try to selfishly grab for all you can get, you’ll lose everything, but if you are willing to lose what you have for Christ’s sake, you will be rewarded with meaning, purpose, rich relationships, and eternal  rewards.

Although targeted primarily towards young believers (in age and/or in faith), don’t think that older believers are exempt from the lessons. Who among us doesn’t need frequent encouragement that we need to die to our selfish desires if we really want to live?

Each day he gives spiritual and practical advice to help you develop new disciplines that you can maintain long past the original 40-day commitment of the book. Such as this, on the day “Honor Your Parents”:  “Do more than is expected of you. If one of your chores is to clean your room, clean your parents’ room or the den, too. ..Cheerful obedience is one of the best ways we can witness to our parents of Christ’s love.” (A good one, huh?)

Also included are daily thought questions, scriptures to pray through, memory verses, and journal pages. A Covenant page is included in the intro for you to sign and date. And yes, actually fasting from something while you’re working through the book does make it more meaningful.


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