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Spring '09 Reading List (a.k.a. Am I insane?!?)

June 20, 2009. Check out my "Winners" list here from the books I read.

June 11, 2009. I made it! Whew! Now on to the newest stack...]

Katrina at Callapidder Days has a yearly Spring Reading Thing. You publish your planned reading list, periodically throw in a book review, and at the end of spring, June 20, compare your March fantasy list with the stark reality of what you actually completed.

I'm thinking, "What a great opportunity to clear the shelves! I'll just read books I own but have never read."

But oh my! I failed to realize how many that would be. And that leaves little room for library or borrowed books (only five make the cut).

Oh, well. Here goes anyway...

Theology to StudyPractical to DoMeditations to Soak BiographyFiction


Anonymous said...

And I was going to give you a couple more....

By the way, it's been raining since we got to the beach, thus I am reading blogs. :-) It's okay, it's still nice- and we can see and hear the beach and waves from the house... so that is something.

Ashley Wells said...

I just read Practicing Hospitality and it was a great practical read and Biblical Hospitality and how to flesh it out in your life everyday. It was a great read! Hopefully you enjoy A Christian View of Hospitality as much!



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