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Prayer is about relationship

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Prayer is about relationship. Prayer is the expression of relationship.

Prayers can be sobs and caresses.

Prayers come in the bathroom, in the shower.

Prayers come in the middle of the night, when you jerk awake and your first thought is of the worst time you made a fool of yourself; your second thought is of how you are failing at whatever you are doing in life; and the third thought is not a thought but unfocused resentment.

...Don’t be ashamed...God likes you vulnerable. You are not editable in God’s eyes.

Some prayers are prepared for God like a formally posed photograph. Yes, you look nice in that studio photo and that is the image you want God to see.

But God does not look at the photo from the studio. God looks at the photo that, when your friend who took it shows it to you, you say, “Oh my God, I look so weird. That is not me.” And your friend says, “No, no, that’s one of your ‘looks.’ That is so you!”

And you have to realize that your friend loves you that way, not the way that you have learned to present yourself for a photo, standing rigidly, with your head tilted charmingly just so and with the sly, cute smile.

No, your friend loves you when your mouth hangs open because you are tired, when you have tea stains and spinach on your smile, when your dentures are yellowed. God is not fooled by teeth whitener or Botox.
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