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A Glimpse of Jesus

When somebody tells me a book helped change their life, I’m intrigued.

This was one of those books I was told about: A Glimpse of Jesus by Brennan Manning. Perhaps these are some of the reasons why:

Servanthood is not an emotion or mood or feeling; it’s a decision to live the life of Jesus. It has nothing to do with what we feel, it has everything to do with what we do—humble service.

It can be unequivocally stated that the central, most important theme in the personal life of Jesus—the theme that lies at the very heart of the revelation that he is—is his growing trust, intimacy, and love of his Abba, his heavenly Father. The interior life of Christ was completely Father-centered.

The pearl of great price in my life, the most treasured gift I’ve ever received from Jesus is to come to know the Father. (Matthew 11:27). Biblical scholar Joachim Jeremias did not hesitate to call this the central revelation of the New Testament.

It's no wonder this book can help change your life. It's about Jesus--He indeed changes lives.


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