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JANUARY 2009 Posts

“C” word – is it a decoy, The? (1/16)
“Miracle on the Hudson” by Rex Babin (1/26)
3 Blessings journal (1/14)
And the greatest sin is... (1/15)
Can’t do much, but... (1/3)
Chew only or swallow and digest? (1/8)
Curios – 5 (1/14)
Curios – 6 (1/22)
Ending of “Mere Christianity”, The (1/30)
Freedom, even in THIS body (1/12)
God is good (1/21)
If not resolutions at New Year, then when? (1/2)
In trouble (1/10)
Is giving up the same thing as quitting? (1/27)
It is well (1/25)
Michelangelo and me: Why we didn’t want to paint God (1/13)
Music fit for a king (1/21)
My prayer for President Obama (1/20)
New creations (1/1)
Newest virus scare – Is it working? (1/29)
Noise on the plane and the detour, The (1/19)
Rick Warren’s prayer at the inauguration (1/20)
Should we clap “in church”? (1/28)
Toys made real (1/22)
Who believes more in or Satan? (1/7)
Who you are today matters forever (1/5)
Why bother to know God? (1/9)
You Gotta Keep Dancin’ (1/26)


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