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Things I learned from a dog

If you try to run with the big dogs, you may get growled at.

If you’re lovable, you attract nice friends.

If you bark loud enough, somebody might let you out.

If you bark loud enough, you become annoying and others move far away from you.

If you'll just be yourself, you’ll have fun.


Kay said...

Wow -- I could have written this same post today. ha My niece, Katie, got a puppy for Christmas and we just spent the last couple of days getting to know 'Hunter,' who, by the way, looks almost exactly like Blaze!! (is that how you spell it?) He's such a cute puppy and was lots of fun, but the 'things you learned' were just what we were experiencing... funny. It did make for some excitement down at the lake, so that was good. :-)

Lisa notes... said...

Hunter and Blaze should meet and bounce around each other. :-)

More lessons...
If you jump on others, you may meet a knee. Blaze learned that one quickly. (Albeit “gentle” knees; don’t sic PETA on me.)

If you don’t want to get stepped on, walk beside others, not in their space. Blaze learned that with Jeff (how do they so quickly learn who the alpha male is?), but not with me yet. We just dance around each other for now.

If you’re nice to the old-timers, you still may not win them over. Sigh—April will still have nothing to do with Blaze except show her utmost contempt. It’s quite amusing actually, but only because they’re both dogs.

Kay said...

How about... If you spend a couple of days around people who think you're completely adorable, you'll end up really spoiled!

Or... If you whine long enough and loud enough, some sucker will come and get you out of your crate.

And of course... All the annoying things about you are forgotten when you're curled up sweetly snoring in someone's lap.


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