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The more you know...

If they just had better education. Knew more stuff. Were more informed!

I’m as guilty as anybody in believing like that—thinking more information would solve all the world’s problems. Granted, it does solve many problems, so I’m not trashing the thought altogether. But I am dissing it as the ϋber-panacea we make it out to be.

Neil Postman agrees with me:
You need only ask yourself, What is the problem in the Middle East, or South Africa, or Northern Ireland? Is it lack of information that keeps these conflicts at fever pitch? Is it lack of information about how to grow food that keeps millions at starvation level? Is it lack of information that brings soaring crime rates and physical decay to our cities? Is it lack of information that leads to high divorce rates and keeps the beds of mental institutions filled to overflowing?

The fact is, there are very few political, social, and especially personal problems that arise because of insufficient information. Nonetheless, as incomprehensible problems mount, as the concept of progress fades, as meaning itself becomes suspect, the Technopolist stands firm in believing that what the world needs is yet more information. It is like the joke about the man who complains that the food he is being served in a restaurant is inedible and also that the portions are too small.
Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology

So if it’s not more information that we need, what do we need? Hint: How about a heart transplant?

I often hear that communication is a top problem in marriages. I used to buy into that, a few years ago. But no more. Our problem isn’t that we don’t know how to communicate with each other (even if true); the problem is with what we are communicating because of who we are. Try: apathy. Disrespect. Boredom. Anger. Self-centeredness. Especially self-centeredness.

Yes, we should work on our communication skills. Learn all we can and put it into practice. But if our heart is brimming with ugliness, it will eventually overflow. And no matter how sweetly we package it, ugliness communicates. And is quite recognizable for what it is.

If I want to communicate more lovingly with Jeff, the best place to start is to have more Love in my heart. I only know one place to get the good kind of that. Above. The Source. The Fountain. Jehovah himself.

It always points back to Him. If there’s any information that is worth attaining, it is about Him. But He’s not satisfied with that either. Head-knowledge doesn’t cut it. It’s my entire soul He wants. That’s how He’ll change my heart.

I don’t want just more information about God.

I want God.


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