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This might make you uncomfortable. When I think about God being God-centered, I wonder if he’s an egotist. If he’s all about love, wouldn’t he be more about us than about himself? Um, think again. (*1)

2. Let’s read this one together! A C.S. Lewis fan? This is one of his best. (*2)

3. So it really is all about me after all! Need a good laugh? These will do it. [It's short--1 ½ minutes.] Just don’t sing them on Sunday morning.

4. And this will make you cry. Did you know Prentice Meador? Jeff and I heard him speak a few times in Nashville. He died unexpectedly a few days ago from a freak illness. (*4)

5. This is who I wish would have run for president.

(*1) This is not megalomania because, unlike our self-exaltation, God’s self-exaltation draws attention to what gives greatest and longest joy, namely, himself. When we exalt ourselves, we lure people away from the one thing that can satisfy their souls—the infinite beauty of God. When God exalts himself, he manifests the one thing that can satisfy our souls, namely, God.
~ John Piper

Our assigned reading for this week was nothing more than the Preface and Foreword, so you will not be far behind. Every week we will read a portion of the book and then return here on Thursdays to enjoy a little bit of discussion. It’s a good, easy way of making your way through some of the classics of the Christian faith.
~ Tim Challies

(*4) What I learned from Prentice last July 3 about revival: “We were taught ‘don’t play with fire’, but God often used experiences with fire.” “Revival never comes by accident.” “The ‘least’ in the kingdom often uses the strongest weapon—prayer.”


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