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Start. Stop. Start.

Monastics have a practice called statio that means stopping one thing before beginning another. Rather than rushing from one task to the next, pause for a moment and recognize the in-between times. Before dialing the phone, think about the conversation and the person. After reading a book, pause and think back through what you learned and how you were moved. After watching TV, pause and ask what it contributed to your life. Before reading the Bible, pause and ask for a spirit of attention.
Reaching for the Invisible God, PHILIP YANCEY

Um, statio is not something we’re well-versed in.
We do rushes.
We don’t do pauses.

But Jesus does. When he was here, he practiced statio. He took time to finish each thing well. We don’t read of him scurrying from one place to the next, quickly healing one person just so he could get immediately race to the next. He sat. He taught. He listened. Back then, and right now.

I’m thankful that I never feel rushed in his presence. It’s as if he has all the time in the world for me. And actually, I believe he does.


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