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A Psalm: To the Savior of slaves

To maintain integrity, I knew I had to sit down and write a poem. I had asked others to complete this assignment; I must, too.

But in the writing, I found blessing. So here's my pseudo-psalm, for better or for worse. My apologies to King David...and my praise to the Father. (Know where I can find a harp?)

My heart You see, Lord; my thoughts You hear
I bring You my worries and lay down my fears
I tire of their weight and stench and tears
The chaos they cause; the sights that they smear

But You are the Strong One, Almighty to save
With You there is hope, with You there is grace
I ask Your release from my load in this place
For my focus to center straight onto Your face

I know You’ll grant mercy and cut off these chains
For that’s who You are—the Savior of slaves
I present You my offering of glory and praise
You are worthy of honor, all nights and all days


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