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Is there room?

A Carmelite priest said, “Where God finds space, He enters.”

In our shallow, sensual way of looking at life, we tend to measure God’s Presence by the kind of emotion we feel. Happy feelings that make us want to sing, we assume, are evidence that God’s Spirit is present. We think a sense of lostness or confusion or struggle indicates His absence.

But the Spirit’s invitation to experience God appeals to something deeper than easily produced emotions. It appeals to a capacity of soul that in many modern Christians has dried up through disuse, a capacity that carries us toward a higher dimension than mere emotions can reach.
Shattered Dreams
Lord, may I open up space for you to enter. May I offer you unrestricted access into the deepest crevices of my soul. May I uncover my heart to expose it to your Spirit. And as you penetrate the quintessence of my spirit, may I surrender to your request for abiding presence.


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