This was my favorite moment at church


We were buckling up in the front seat. Sunday service was over and we were headed home.

I leaned over to Jeff and asked him, “Do you know my favorite moment this morning?”

He knew.
I knew he would.

It was near the beginning. The worship band was playing, the men and women onstage were singing, we were all joining in on “Treasure”:

Your breath is like rain
Your Word it sustains me
I've come to this place
With intentions of finding You

A man and woman stood at each corner downstage. They were hoping to offer prayer for any who were burdened. A middle-aged lady walked to the pair closest to our right. The couple listened to her intently as she spoke (I know because I was watching their faces), then wrapping one arm around her and lifting another arm up, they took turns praying over her.

We continued to sing in the background.

A younger woman walked up next. She waited as the trio wrapped up the prayer, then they enveloped her and a new prayer began. 

But then another—a white-haired, short, small lady dressed in her Sunday best—stepped out from the row in front of us. What would she do? No one was available to pray with her. She would have to wait.

One song ended. Another began.

I fidgeted uncomfortably. What if the songs run out before the needs?

That’s when it happened.

Another couple, a young husband and wife (I’m guessing) also stood up. Leaving their seats, they walked up front and turned around to face the audience. They smiled, then opened their arms to the elderly woman, asking if they could pray for her.

From my seat, I prayed, too.

You amaze me, Lord.

You fill your children—men and women—with ability and opportunity and compassion to minister to each other, in planned ways and unplanned ways.

My favorite moment involved no spark of intellectual insight.
No learning of some inspiring sacrifice.
No new snippet to add to my biblical databank.

It was just witnessing a simple act of service. Of worship. Of love.

The prayers eventually stopped and everyone returned to their seats, their souls emptied of burdens and refilled with grace. Mine, too.

A minute later, we finished the songs.

* * *

What was a favorite moment with your church last Sunday?


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