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How to build an altar of grace, or Don’t waste your rocks

Things you use

  • A bag of rocks
    Easy to find. Limitless supply prepackaged with your fleshly nature. 
    Any size is acceptable.bag-of-rocks
    Available in a variety of shapes: anger, selfishness, greediness, sarcasm, discontentment, pride, anxiety, lust, ungratefulness, laziness, etc.
  • A target
    Unfortunately, commonly found in any situation.
    Easily available: a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, a neighbor, even a stranger will do in a pinch, as long as within throwing distance. 
    Don’t forget you also make an easy mark for your own rocks.
  • A Savior   [CRITICAL!]
    For full effect, no generics allowed; name-brand only. Must be Jesus. Substitutes will not be accepted.


Option 1: Drop the rock

  1. With target in view, pick up a rock. Proceed to aim for heart or head of your target for maximum impact.
  2. Seek God for guidance.
  3. Follow his advice by releasing the rock. As it drops, landing by your feet, take note: This is the location of your altar of grace.
  4. Fall on your knees at the altar and thank God for giving you grace to drop the rock.
  5. Repeat daily, as often as needed, eventually beginning with step 2 and avoiding step 1 altogether.

Option 2: Throw the rock
[WARNING: This option requires additional steps, extended time, and consequential damage]

  1. With target in view, pick up a rock. Proceed to aim for heart or head of your target for maximum impact.
  2. Seek God for advice. [NOTE: This step is often skipped with Option 2]
  3. If followed step 2, advice still ignored. Proceed to step 4.
    If skipped step 2, proceed immediately to step 4.
  4. Attempt to relieve your pain, frustrations, jealousy, etc., by throwing your rock at intended target. If intended target is unavailable, any nearby person or object will suffice.
  5. Follow path of rock upon its release. Note any peripheral or full damage to target.  Prepare for collateral damage by becoming defensive, stonewalling, running, or taking further offensive measures.
  6. Be surprised when rock’s ultimate target is the Savior. Watch as he catches rock, and throws it back on the pile building by your feet, adding another rock to your altar of grace.
  7. Fall on your knees in repentance for throwing the rock, and thank God for his grace to forgive you.
  8. Repeat step 1 and steps 3-6 as few times as possible, eventually giving up Option 2 altogether. 

altar of graceResults

  • Size
    Your altar of grace will grow larger and larger with each dropped rock and each thrown rock. Use all rocks as evidence of God’s grace to keep you from sinning in the first place and to forgive you when you do sin.
  • Intensity
    Kneel frequently by your altar to praise the Father for grace given you to give to others and for giving you the grace of forgiveness as often as needed. May he receive all the glory!

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