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The self-pity eraser

     Day 6 without electricity

But lest I feel sorry for myself...

When I get bummed out that our 30-foot Kali tree is a goner,willow tree

I thank God it wasn’t like this (# 187).tornado2

When I see our fence blown over and our foot bridge washed out, down fence

bridge washed outI count my blessings that was all (# 188).tornado4

When I start to feel sorry for myself without electricity,power lines down

I thank God for men and women working valiantly to change that (# 189).electrical workersI thank God that I have a roof and all my family, unlike these folks a couple of neighborhoods over (# 190). tornado1


* * *

Continuing the counting of grace, in good times and bad times. God is always good.

A Hardees’ chicken biscuit and free wi-fi for a few minutes is pretty good too! :-)


Barbara H. said...

Good way to put things in perspective.

fran massengill said...

thank you for this!

Trisha said...

Praying for you, Lisa!

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

Thank you for your perspective. So glad you are safe!

Lynn Severance said...

Thank you, Lisa. Continuing prayers for all the needs there in Alabama and the states close by that were also affected.

Each of us needs to count our blessings.

Unknown said...

So much to be thankful for. Truly, God is always good!!!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Such a beautiful post and a sweet fragrance to the Lord, I'm sure!!!! So thankful you are ok and praying things will soon be back to some kind of normal again. Thank you for posting!

Unknown said...

Wow...thank you for sharing!

Joan Hall said...

I've looked at several photos of the tornado and they all look like a war zone. Thanking God you are safe and sound.


Grace said...

hi Lisa,

Just saw your comment on my blog...Alabama is even sad. I never could have understood the destruction of a tornado until seeing it first hand. Praying for your state.


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