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A day in September

The Simple Woman's DaybookOutside my window...the sun is shining in rooms at the assisted living facility

I am thinking...that, oddly, my mom really looks more like herself the past few days than she has the past few years

I am thankful for...getting to live together with my 1 brother, 2 sisters, and 3 in-laws for the past 4 days

In the learning rooms...oh my. Piles of papers I need to get graded

I am oreo, plate of chex mix, drinking a Grapico (at 10 a.m., sigh)

I am jean shorts, green t-shirt, socks, sweater over my legs

I am creating...permanent images of my mom sick in bed :-(

I am McDonald’s to catch wi-fi to publish this and check e-mail and Facebook

I am reading...Same Kind of Different as Me

I am hoping...that my mom’s spirit will be released from her failing body very soon

I appreciate...that my big sis is sitting in a chair beside me reading her book, occasionally commenting, laughing, being

I am alarms going off periodically, and a Chris Tomlin CD I have playing in the background

One of my favorite knowing I’m never alone

I am praying...for rest

A picture to share...a successful (but it actually depends on your perspective) goose hunt that Jeff had with his brother and dad. I’m thankful for their good times together.goose hunt * * *

1 comment:

Monica Sharman said...

Yes, praying. You are indeed a precious daughter.

And! Happy 18th!


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