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Contrasts #2—Corner View

It’s the 1-yr anniversary of Corner View! So we’re choosing a favorite past theme to redo.

My “Contrasts #1” was life among death; trash or treasure; and contrasts that Jesus taught. contrasts_nov

Today, Contrasts #2 is outward styles.

paper and kindleI struggled with buying a Kindle. I’m a bibliophile from way back. Would I be betraying my true love if I cheated with a Kindle?

Nah. Just more to love.

I do like FREE though. Could I get that with a Kindle? Yes. (Well, once you get past the cost of the Kindle itself.) Of my 26 books/documents currently loaded, only one cost money (ESV Study Bible for only $9.99).

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin was one of my first Kindle freebies.

Then two weeks ago as I was deciding what books to take home from my dad’s bookcases, I discovered he had the hardcopy version of this same book on his shelf.

That made me smile. 

Old versus new.
Traditional versus modern.
My dad versus me.

But content? Some things never change!

* * *

For more Corner Views, visit the links at Spain Daily.
And wish Jane a Happy Anniversary while you’re there!


Joyce said...

I love how your dad had the same book! xo

Francesca said...

I know lots of people who are very happy with the kindle, but I like the feel of paper. Happy 1 year!

likeschocolate said...

I am glad you love your Kindle. I have been thinking about something like this because while I do love to turn pages in books with the amount I read the books start to stack up quickly.

Lisa notes... said...

I love the feel of paper, too. That is definitely not replicated with the Kindle; I miss being able to flip through the pages to skim ahead or review something I already read. Pros and cons...


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