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Using the lessons – Nov 1 Thanks

Thanks Day 1November of Thanks
Each day in November, Rebecca is encouraging us to give thanks. Comment on her blog or your own about God’s gifts to you for the 30 days of November.

Lessons pay off
I’m thankful that lessons in the past can have great pay-offs. In this case, horse lessons. Both my daughters took horse lessons when they were younger. But Morgan particularly fell in love. Now she’s 20 and has her own horse.

Yesterday, Morgan invited Jenna to spend the day riding horses with her and friends. And Jenna knew how.

I was happy seeing both my girls enjoy a “grown up” activity together because of lessons they took when they were younger (especially in an activity I personally have no confidence or experience to do).

I know God doesn’t waste our spiritual lessons either. Sometimes I wonder why I have to learn something particularly challenging or painful. But it often pays off down the road in a delightful way I never could have imagined.

God is very efficient in what he teaches us. And I am very thankful.

two girls two horses

3 comments: said...

"God doesn’t waste our spiritual lessons either." He certainly doesn't, and I join you in thanking him for that!

Lisa Hellier said...

As a homeschooling mom in the trenches, I can join in thankfulness for lessons. And I'm working to impart a similar gratitude to those 3 boys of mine.

Dorothy said...

I love the way you paralleled (is that a word?) actual, scheduled lessons to learn a skill with the spiritual lessons that come from God's honing of us through times we'd rather not go through. Thanks, Lisa.


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