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5 reasons I love being married to Jeff - Friday’s Fave Five

Friday's Fave FiveToday is our 17th anniversary!

Next to loving and worshiping God, the second biggest call on my life is to love my husband well. He makes it an incredibly joyful thing to do.

So I dedicate my Friday’s Fave Five to sweet things, big and small, about my hubby. He’s the best!

1. Family man
He loves his family, my family, and our family. When we were dating, I watched how he treated his mother. I knew I’d get the same treatment some day. It’s been a great thing.

jeff's family

2. Fill ‘er up
He’s one of a dying breed who still likes to pump gas for his wife. And when Morgan is home, he’ll drive her truck at least once to make sure it’s running fine and to top off the tank. It’s a little thing to him, but a big thing to us.

3. Stay-at-home
We’ve always agreed that as long as it was financially possible, I would stay at home. So far, we’ve been blessed. I love playing housewife, and he loves having me home and happy. We never have the newest or biggest of anything, but nobody’s complaining.

4. Clean up   
This one isn’t the most important, but, honestly, it says a lot: Jeff does dishes without being asked. When he’s in town, he is more likely than me to have the kitchen cleaned up shortly after supper. Who wouldn’t love that?

5. Kissy-kissy
Our kids aren’t always thrilled about this one, but we’re affectionate (maybe one day they’ll appreciate it?). The last thing Jeff does before he leaves for work in the morning is give me a kiss (I may or may not have one eye open), and the first thing he does when he returns home is the same (when I’m far more awake). Jeff and Lisa

It’s been an exciting 17 years with this man! I’ve been blessed to hang out with him so much, and I pray that God will give me many more years to stay and play at his side. There’s absolutely, positively, nobody else that I’d rather be living life beside.

To see what others are thankful for, click over to Susanne’s place at Living to Tell the Story.

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Sandy said...

Happy 17th Anniversary to both of you! I am so happy Jeff is a part of our family - he is a wonderful Christian man (and great brother-in-law) and we love him so much! God blessed you both with the gift of each other, and I pray you have a great day of celebration today! Happy Anniversary!!!!! I love all those pics!

Lora said...

Blessings to you on your 17th anniversary! I pray the LORD blesses you with many more! I loved your list - you are blessed!
Thank you kindly for stopping by and leaving encouraging words for me.

TXDidi said...

It sounds like you are well-blessed. My hubby and I have been married 30 years and I am so grateful that he gave me the green light to stay at home, both when the children were growing up and now. (And isn't it great when they do the dishes? Better than roses any day.)

Brook said...

Happy Anniversary! I believe your kids will appreciate your affection some day. I know my dad passsionately greeting my mom each evening is something I fondly remember. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful tribute to your husband, Lisa. It's clear there's so much more you appreciate about this man and what a blessing he's been in you and your family's life. Happy anniversary -- and many many many more!

Debbie Petras said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I love that you two are affectionate even in front to the children. You're actually giving them a good example of what a married couple is like. And there's nothing wrong with affection between married couples. Too many friends of mine cannot ever remember their parents kiss or hold hands.

Jerralea said...

Great tribute to your hubby! Happy anniversary and may you have many more.

It was interesting that you said you watched how your husband treated his mother. I've always told my girls, "Watch how your boyfriend's dad treats his wife, that's more than likely how he would treat you if you were married."

ellen b said...

Hi Lisa! What a great fave five in honor of your husband of 17 years! Congratulations. May God bless you with many more years together...

jane said...

hi lisa! happy happy anniversary! wish you could see me smailing! besos-jane

jane said...

ok, that´s smiling:)

Lynn Severance said...

What more can I say that all your other fans here have not said?

I add my joyful appreciation in knowing how God has blessed you with your dear Jeff.

It was nice the "complaining" posting came before this one - which is so full of "non-complaining"!

Count your blessings twice and then twice again.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. WOOT. Congrats. Wonderful FFF. Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by my playground. Aloha :)

Susanne said...

Happy, happy Anniversary! What a nice tribute to your hubby.

Willow said...

What a sweet celebration of 17 years of marriage! Happy Anniversary!

Hazel said...

Your husband deserves a trophy! His breed ought to have world-wide recognition. I'm seriously amazed with no. 4. You got a true gem going. Kudos to his parents for raising a man many girls could only dream about.

Kari said...

What Beautiful Fave Five list. Congratulations on 17 years and Happy Anniversary.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on 17 years! :-) You know I think Jeff is okay, too! :-)

Clarity said...

He seems like a sweet and kind man, your pictures together are lovely - the wedding one is sweet too.

May you have a forever love.


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