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Value the small things

"I tell you the truth," he said, "this poor widow has put in more than all the others. All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on." (Luke 21:3,4 NIV)

We often applaud those who do “big” things for the Lord. Those who set up soup kitchens for the poor. butterflyThose who sing like an angel and draw us into worship. Those who work in mission fields and change lives.

I want to do big things, too. But I find that, day after day, my things are usually small instead. Answer some e-mails. Clean the kitchen. Have my quiet time. 

What I need on those days is perspective. To understand. Small things and big things are all the same in God’s sight, if they’re done for His purposes.

God doesn’t love Mr. Well-Known Preacher more than me, just because one of us has a larger audience. He wants us both to do what He calls us to do. In this day. At this time. For these people.

So on those days when I only have conversations with my daughters and cook supper for just my family, I have been successful, if that is what God wants from me that day. And again tomorrow, if He so pleases.

Then if He later calls me to Africa to save the orphans, well, I could only do it one small step at a time anyway. In reality, aren’t big things simply a series of small things strung together?

Be satisfied with small victories. God is. He would rather have the widow’s mite given in love, than a huge donation from pride.

Even Mother Teresa, a renowned giant of big things, said:
“Few of us can do great things, but all of us can do small things with great love.”

Let God determine what is big or small. Just do what is before you this day. To the best of your ability. With purpose. In love.

In the end, those are very big things indeed.

Father, Thank you for ordering our days. Whether large or small in our eyes, let us live them with gratitude and for Your glory.

[Originally published July 13 as a daily e-devotional
from Rest Ministries ,,
serving people who live with chronic illness or pain]


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