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Friday’s Fave Five # 3

friday's fave fiveIt’s time for Friday Fave Fives again. Read on Susanne’s site where others have seen God in their week, and reflect back on your own blessings the past 7 days.

1. The return of the black snake
Sunday afternoon my daughter rushed into the house—“Dad, hurry, hurry!” We both followed her quickly to the front porch to discover a long black snake beside the house, behind the bushes. Which also happens to be where a duck has been nesting. On a few less eggs now. Jeff opted for the hoe instead of the gun because he didn’t want to splatter duck eggs. But he only injured the snake before it quickly slithered away. So we’re all on the alert—I love a good snake adventure to get the blood pumping.

But in God’s circle of life, who should we be rooting for? The snakes need food; the ducks need to reproduce...

2. A phone call
One of my best friends called me out of the blue Tuesday to catch up. She’s one of those kind that you can go for months and months with no contact, but at “hello,” you’re right back where you left off. Her sanguine personality always makes me smile, and her faith in the Lord always bolsters mine.

3. Taking my mother shopping
What a twist. My family basically hates to shop (which my husband loves about us). And we never do it together. But my mother needed new clothes. She’s been dependent on my dad helping her, but they finally agreed to let us daughters take her this time, so we opted in. She wasn’t thrilled about the shopping part, but she was cooperative and pleasant.

So three generations of women in our family shopped together on Wednesday—a real record! We won’t do it “just for fun” any time again soon, but now we know we can do it when we have to.

4. Listening to my husband work from home
It’s rare that he can work from home, but he did two days this week. And most of it was spent on the phone and his laptop. The fun part to me was listening to him alternately talk and laugh and get serious with his co-workers. It gave me a glimpse into his world that I don’t usually get to see.

He’s not always convinced that his work is meaningful, but I know God is using him mightily through not just his work-related tasks, but even more so through his relationships.

5. Locked out of the house
Not me. My 60’s-something neighbor locked herself out of her house yesterday. So she had to come use our phone to call her husband. And wait with us until he got home. It was a treat for me. She’s a delightful woman that I don’t know very well, so hearing her stories had us all intrigued.

Whoever thinks older people are boring hasn’t been around many. Some of the most interesting people I know have been decades older than me. Her visit was also special because I had just finished reading Hospitality and she provided me an opportunity to put it into practice by simply being present. Isn’t the Father’s timing impeccable?

Once again, God is good, all week long.


Jerralea said...

I really enjoyed your list, Lisa, especially the last one. I've been thinking about the fact I need to be more hospitable too. Funny that the Lord used your neighbor's little trial to give you practice!

And I'm smiling that you listed your adventure with a snake as a fave!

annies home said...

snakes we always find one or two around our house each year hope I don't find it though

Tina Leigh said...

The snakes are crazy now....Killed one on my porch last week..right at my granddaughters feet. Another one near her kiddie pool yesterday. My FIL has killed two snakes in two days in the same place, at the foot of their porch! Crazy! Well I dont care if they r a good or bad will be a dead snake at my house!
I love the older folks too...they have so much insight, and never look down on you.

Lisa notes... said...

I think "our" snake is a good one--a rat snake--but my husband insists that the only good snake is a dead snake. ;-) Definitely wouldn't want them around little ones though. Yikes.

Willow said...

Great fave five list this week! I agree about the older people. Oh my goodness. The life stories of my older friends are just amazing!

Have another great week!

Susanne said...

Love how God made a situation for you to practice what you'd learned about hospitality! It's wonderful to practice hospitality in those planned times but sometimes it's those unexpected times of hospitality that are real gems in our experiences.

The snake, though, I couldn't be hospitable to the snake. Eww. ;v}

Brenda said...

I love a good snake adventure as well. And how fun for you to get to visit with your neighbor. In these days where we are all so self sufficient, it seems we have less and less of those moments.


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